December 25, 2011


There are so many forms of connection
Physical, emotional, verbal, or just one's presence
Our cells, even at nanoscale level, know this phenomenon.
Without a connection, there is no communication
Without communication, there is no action
Without an action, there is no moving forward.

An abstract version of nanotubes connecting human B cells (Inspired from an actual EM image) - Acrylics on paper - 9" x 12"
On this sacred day, we are all connected by faith and festivity. Just by being, wherever we are in this big wide world, we are connected. I hope each one of us has had a wonderful day with friends, family and loved ones. May all your days be filled with much joy and happiness. Merry Christmas!

December 9, 2011

Light and Night

All alone, in this dark night
O lord! Shine some light!
Let an angel come to me,
Like my mom, who will hug me.

Today is bright and light,
But who do I share with, this sight?
Let me meet a companion, a friend
Journey then we shall, till the end!