August 30, 2012

A Full Time Employee

Time really does fly! It has been a full month since I started working 8 hours a day, every day, every week plus an hour’s commute to and from work each way. That’s 10 hours of my day, 7am to 6pm – add another hour or so for miscellaneous stuff that comes along with the whole ordeal. So now I have 5 or so hours remaining after getting home. Two of which is usually spent cooking, eating and hanging with housemates. With the final three hours, I waste half of it watching TV shows. Such a routine life, after having almost no regular (almost over the place) schedule for the past five years!

Do I like it? – Well I guess its better in some ways than college; advantages and disadvantages as always. I do earn – which is awesome!

Do I hate it? – Not so far! (Fingers crossed for future)

Do I want to do this my entire life? – HELL NO!

What do I really want to do with my life? – No real idea, just imagination running wild for now.

How do I spend my weekends? – Ideally, by immersing myself in drawing/painting.

What’s stopping me from doing that? – No idea!

Oh! Almost forgot – I need to buy a car soon. Technically, I should be excited about this. But it just seems like a lot of burden/responsibility/liability to own a car. On top of that, I would like to buy a car of my choice – Mini Cooper!! To this end, I must save for a few months for it to materialize. Maybe I should just do that and stop complaining about it all the time. Or I could just buy a regular old sedan and voila!

Anyway, it’s amazing how things change right after graduation and then soon after a full time job. All the things listed above were least of my worries (for the most part) during college years. Sigh, I guess I am a grown up ‘young’ adult after all… 

August 12, 2012

Life as a Post Grad

A lot has happened in the last few weeks since my graduation on June 15th 2012. My mom was here for my graduation. One of the proudest day of my life and am sure for my family as well. We all had waited so long for this day and worked so hard to earn it. Too many sacrifices and compromises were made for me to able to reach this milestone. That aside I was filled with gratitude the entire time. The fact that I was able to come to the US, study and live here, accomplish things my parents wished for - means a lot in itself.

Then there was a whole lot of traveling around the US with my mom and cousins. Such fun! But more than that, the time my mom spent along with my friends was the most precious. She blend in so well with us! None of us felt like there was a generation gap as such. She was willing to listen and accept our so called modern ideas and give us her input/wisdom regarding many such matters. Frankly, she is more of a youngster than I am...

Now comes the real world, grown up stuff! 'Oh you graduated! Congrats! So what are you doing now?' - Its a dreadful question till you actually know what is it that you want to do. And then figure out how to do it? And whether you are actually able to do it. The few weeks I spent right after graduation till I got a job, were one of the most stressful times of my life so far. I never imagined it would be this difficult to grow up and take up real life responsibilities. Of course, I had a decent idea about it, but when one actually dives into it and has to experience it, that is when realization hits! And it hits hard!

I know my parents are there to support me always, but its my turn to take some burden off their shoulders and help in anyway I can. I am just starting my career, yet so much rides on me now. It feels good to stand on my feet at the same time, it needs a lot of courage, patience and perseverance. Oh well, all I really have to do is, believe in my self and continue what I am doing - keeping doing my best. That shouldn't be all that hard... should it? :)