February 4, 2013

More than a year has come and gone

More than a year has come and gone
Feels like yesterday, he was just here…
But again, I have to remind myself
He is no more, of this world...

I miss hearing his re-assuring, matured, deep voice,
It was always a short conversation over the phone,
Yet it conveyed much and seemed enough...
Who do I turn for now, for such wisdom and words?

I miss asking him, 'How are you? What is new?'
He always seemed to be able to cope with his pain,
Be it physical or psychological,
Where do I get such inspiration from now?

Memories fail me already,
But some thoughts or moments, are intact...
Times like… when I was a kid and used to hold his hand,
Walk by his side, and was called his replica...

Such pride he took in me and such confidence he had...
Barely a day before he parted...
He told me, he was alright and would be fine,
Even though, I think, he knew... That was end of line for him

In spite of all these feelings and emotions,
I know of his absence,
But mostly through sensing pain from family members
Who were there to experience his heart breaking departure

I feel his absence (well, in sorts...)
I miss him, I have accepted it too,
Yet it hasn't quite sunk in, still…!!!
Even though more a year has come and gone...

Dearest Grand-dad - 14" x 17" - Acrylic on canvas