February 3, 2014

DIY Repurposed Wine Crates Coffee Table

The best way to spend a weekend is to get yourself involved in a DIY project. Its fun creating something and it ends up being useful too. So while browsing for things I could do, I came across this coffee table on Pinterest and other DIY websites. It seemed like it was doable, but wasn't quite sure how. A little more searching and voila! I found a blog with step-wise instructions on how to make this awesome coffee table. (Here's another link).

At a quick glance, here's everything you need:
4 Wooden Crates (get them at Michael's or Jo-Ann Fabrics)
Wooden legs (optional - Home Depot)
Wood Glue
Wood stain or paint (I used paint)

And well basically just put them together (see step wise instructions above) and you have it!

Now too fill it up with books and other things just flying around the living room.

Happy creating! :)

After adding stuff (The colors are different I guess because of lighting issues) :

August 10, 2013

Look into my eyes...

Do you see the physicality of the eye?
Do you see the colors of the eye?
Do you see the biological intricacy of the eye?
Do you see the perfect symmetry of the eyes?

Do you see a reflection of you, in me?
Do you see me judging you, measuring you?
Do you see me loving you, wanting you?
Do you see me hating you, despising you?

Do you see what I see?
Do you see kindness and peace?
Do you see calm and quiet?
Do you see perplexity and confusion?

Do you see the beauty around?
Do you see the questions unanswered but sound?
Do you see the simplicity and complexity unbound?
Do you see life and its limitless surround?

Do you see?
Open yours eyes and see!

February 4, 2013

More than a year has come and gone

More than a year has come and gone
Feels like yesterday, he was just here…
But again, I have to remind myself
He is no more, of this world...

I miss hearing his re-assuring, matured, deep voice,
It was always a short conversation over the phone,
Yet it conveyed much and seemed enough...
Who do I turn for now, for such wisdom and words?

I miss asking him, 'How are you? What is new?'
He always seemed to be able to cope with his pain,
Be it physical or psychological,
Where do I get such inspiration from now?

Memories fail me already,
But some thoughts or moments, are intact...
Times like… when I was a kid and used to hold his hand,
Walk by his side, and was called his replica...

Such pride he took in me and such confidence he had...
Barely a day before he parted...
He told me, he was alright and would be fine,
Even though, I think, he knew... That was end of line for him

In spite of all these feelings and emotions,
I know of his absence,
But mostly through sensing pain from family members
Who were there to experience his heart breaking departure

I feel his absence (well, in sorts...)
I miss him, I have accepted it too,
Yet it hasn't quite sunk in, still…!!!
Even though more a year has come and gone...

Dearest Grand-dad - 14" x 17" - Acrylic on canvas

January 12, 2013

Note to Self

When I attended a silence course a few months back, one of the activities required us to write five things that we wished to change about our-self. Here are the five things I wrote down. Still not quite doing these things, but well, always trying.. a bit everyday.. :)

Accept Change


Be Lighter in Everyday Life

Realize that I am Insignificant

Smile More

Luffy - Oil on Canvas - 12" x 17"
He is a character from an anime called One Piece. Very inspirational. He follows everyone of those things I mentioned above. At least from my point of view!


November 24, 2012

Night Sky

Oh life! What is it that you want from me?
What is it that I must do to keep myself satisfied?
How do I retain that sparkle and life in my eye?
Is keeping myself occupied the only way?
Why am I so astray from myself?
Where is that connectedness I once felt (of sorts), with existence?
Why do small things in daily life bother me so much?
Why can't I just be?!

There is light within me, I know. Also the path to attain it, I have been granted. Why is it that I can't follow it with dedication? Just like a night sky... there is a moon, to guide me with a bright light... yet it seems that all I see off late is just the darkness around it... shadows and dark trees... Oh please! Let the sun shine again!

Night Sky - 9" x 12" - Oil pastel sticks on paper

October 26, 2012

उसके हाँथ

इन्ही हाँथों ने संभाला जब जन्मा ही था, 
इन्ही हाँथों ने चलना सिखाया। 
सदा होंसला दिया इन्ही हाँथों ने,
गले से लगाया इन्ही हाँथों ने, जब आँसू बहे आँखों से।

प्यार से पुचकारा इन्ही हाँथों ने, 
बिनबोले सहलाया दर्दों को, इन्ही हाँथों ने।
इन्ही हाँथों ने मंज़िल की ओर इशारा कर, तारों तक पहोंचना सिखाया, 
तालिओं की गूँज भी फिर, इन्ही हाँथों ने की, मंज़िल पाने पर। 

आज ये हाँथ, हैं रूखे-सूखे और बेजान, 
सालों की मेहेनत ने किया है, हाल बुरा इन हाँथों का।
झूरियाँ दे रही है गवाही, इन हाँथों की लम्बी उम्र की, 
बारी है मेरी, अब प्यार से सेहेलाने की, इन हाँथों को। 

क्योंकी, यही हैं वे हाँथ जिनकी वजह से हूँ, मैं आज।

Still working on this piece, but couldn't wait to share it :)
"Hard Working, Long Lived" - 18" x 24" - Oil on Canvas
(Completed Version)
Dedicated to my mom and grand-mom.

October 22, 2012

Seasons and Life

I die… Just to be born again…
A breath, inwards,
Nourishing, green,
A bud, tender and fragile

Change in season,
Youth, like spring
Fresh and joyful
Such is the state

Come summer,
Sun shines, hot and humid
Draining long hours
Eased by the rain

Fall! Oh Fall!
The end of it all!
Colors change,
Red, yellow and orange

And the cycle ends
Only to start again,
I die, just to be born again…

Took this picture at the Pine Creek Gorge, PA this Fall. (Great place to go with family and friends!!)
And it inspired me to write about seasons! Go figure! :)