November 24, 2012

Night Sky

Oh life! What is it that you want from me?
What is it that I must do to keep myself satisfied?
How do I retain that sparkle and life in my eye?
Is keeping myself occupied the only way?
Why am I so astray from myself?
Where is that connectedness I once felt (of sorts), with existence?
Why do small things in daily life bother me so much?
Why can't I just be?!

There is light within me, I know. Also the path to attain it, I have been granted. Why is it that I can't follow it with dedication? Just like a night sky... there is a moon, to guide me with a bright light... yet it seems that all I see off late is just the darkness around it... shadows and dark trees... Oh please! Let the sun shine again!

Night Sky - 9" x 12" - Oil pastel sticks on paper