August 30, 2012

A Full Time Employee

Time really does fly! It has been a full month since I started working 8 hours a day, every day, every week plus an hour’s commute to and from work each way. That’s 10 hours of my day, 7am to 6pm – add another hour or so for miscellaneous stuff that comes along with the whole ordeal. So now I have 5 or so hours remaining after getting home. Two of which is usually spent cooking, eating and hanging with housemates. With the final three hours, I waste half of it watching TV shows. Such a routine life, after having almost no regular (almost over the place) schedule for the past five years!

Do I like it? – Well I guess its better in some ways than college; advantages and disadvantages as always. I do earn – which is awesome!

Do I hate it? – Not so far! (Fingers crossed for future)

Do I want to do this my entire life? – HELL NO!

What do I really want to do with my life? – No real idea, just imagination running wild for now.

How do I spend my weekends? – Ideally, by immersing myself in drawing/painting.

What’s stopping me from doing that? – No idea!

Oh! Almost forgot – I need to buy a car soon. Technically, I should be excited about this. But it just seems like a lot of burden/responsibility/liability to own a car. On top of that, I would like to buy a car of my choice – Mini Cooper!! To this end, I must save for a few months for it to materialize. Maybe I should just do that and stop complaining about it all the time. Or I could just buy a regular old sedan and voila!

Anyway, it’s amazing how things change right after graduation and then soon after a full time job. All the things listed above were least of my worries (for the most part) during college years. Sigh, I guess I am a grown up ‘young’ adult after all…