October 3, 2012

"What does music mean to you?"

A friend asked me this question a few weeks back and ever since I have been thinking about it. What does music mean to me? At that time I told him it means 'energy'. Which is true, but after some thought, it means a lot more than energy to me.

is a friend when in need
be it day or night, in health or illness,
sadness and happiness,
emotions of all kind

is a source of calmness,
energy and revitalization
after a long day,
or just for relaxation

is to let go,
for a while, get lost, get immersed
feel the vibrations of sound
within you, and rejoice!

is to party
with friends, family or strangers
move to different beats
and so many moves for so many beats!

is every sound in nature!
listen! carefully...
from rustling of leaves
to falling of snow and rain or hail
the wind blowing...
angry and violent
or calm like a whisper
on a cold night or breezy beach
river flowing... over rocks or sand or over cliffs

Music... to me
is a constantly changing form
a friend, source of relaxation, medium to let go, ingredient to party and synonymous with nature!
And probably much more, which I might add when I think of more, or learn more...

Oh! Not to forget, my paintings are mostly done in one of the above mentioned state of minds, to which music is always playing in the background!

So what does music mean to YOU?!