October 22, 2012

A much needed retreat!

It’s intriguing to observe the ways of nature, isn’t it? For the past few weeks I had been feeling a bit aloof and disconnected from myself. Just change in life style was the cause, I am guessing. Then, almost out of nowhere, an acquaintance calls in, to check in on me and informs me of this upcoming course in silence meditation.


Didn’t even take me 24 hours to decide and register for the course! In the past I have always dwelled over whether to do it or not to etc. This time, it was almost like a ‘calling’. This came just at the right time. So anyway, this past weekend was when I went for this Art of Silence course organized by The Art of Living Foundation. From Thursday 7pm to Sunday 4pm – remaining silent from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon – all we did was meditate, do some yoga, some breathing exercises and a few group activities.  These techniques are so powerful! Each time I get connected with it, I get rejuvenated, revitalized and re-energized! After the course I felt so much lighter and was smiling so much more than the past few weeks. Brilliant stuff! Now all I need to do is continue practicing meditation at home.

This is how I felt after the fact...

PS – I did do it today at home! Fingers crossed for the future! Haha J