September 23, 2011


The only part of our brain that is visible 
One of the five senses we possess 
On which we rely far too much 
A gateway to our 'exterior' and 'interior' worlds 
Shutting our eyes is the most effective way to isolate our-selves 
Gives 'life' to paintings/inanimate objects 
Conveys our feelings and emotions so much better than words 
Phenotypic variations (of the retina) making it so unique 
"Windows to our soul"

'A Woman Looking Within' - Pastels
Closed eyes signify passive aggressive state of this woman. A woman goes through a lot in her life time, yet conceals it all within herself. Seldom does she "open her eye" to let out her wrath. When she does its like a burning fire, red and hot! A 'bindi' on her forehead signifies a third eye and represents the danger she might bring forth to her enemies. In this painting she looks very meditative trying to find herself. Equanimity is her virtue. 

Curly hair, out of this world color (skin) tone, some sort of innocence makes me want to keep looking at her. She is my inspiration to look within and find equanimity myself.